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The company organized to expand training activities

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The company organized to expand training activities

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September 20, 2014, the company held in Yangzhou Runyang wetland park theme "to gather you and I fly dream" outdoor development training activities. The company all the staff of nearly 70 people participated in the training activities, is divided into three teams, namely the dream team, concentric team and the Flying Tigers. Each team has its own team name, team song and slogan, everyone is full of passion, full of fighting spirit.

Training activities from the ice to build the team, through the trust back to fall, through the grid, speed 60 seconds, graduation wall and other projects to start, so that participants fully feel the trust and communication, implementation and details, the importance of competition and cooperation, profound Realize that to achieve the goal to maximize the effectiveness of the need to do pre-planning and risk prediction, process risk control and resource allocations, and correctly handle the relationship between efficiency and efficiency.

"Back" project to help students adjust their minds, training students trust in others, personal confidence comes from the team's support and encouragement, only to build the team between the mutual trust in order to successfully complete the task. Through the training of the project, we feel that effective command, clear division of labor, and scientific coordination are the basis for accomplishing a task.

The training activities ended in a tall, harmonious atmosphere. The expansion of training activities so that everyone's body and mind by a profound baptism, training team spirit and cooperation awareness, expand the vision and thinking, harvest the trust and happiness. We said that in the expansion of training to learn the knowledge used in their own work, with full enthusiasm, good mental state and a solid style of work into the work, a good fight for example, for the company's rapid and harmonious development Make a greater contribution.

Believe the team, believe in their own; strong team, I am strong; company Wang, I Wang! Chi City people refueling! The The The The The

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